I sincerely appreciate the many responsible citizens who took time during the busy summer vacation season to become involved in the political process by exercising the right to vote in the primary election.

My special thanks are extended to the hard-working individuals who rolled up their shirt sleeves and donated their time to the election process. Countless hours were spent by volunteers who participated in phone banks, distributed signs and literature, and walked the district. Others worked from the ground up with the organizational tasks, sign construction and behind-the-spotlight ef-forts necessary to get the word out on goals and issues.In addition, I'd like to commend those voters who made it their business to examine the issues, as well as those who discussed them directly in person or via telephone and correspondence. Open dialogue has always been and will continue to be the heartbeat of responsible legislation.

I am committed to my constituents and will continue to work hard in representing their views, as well as carefully researching issues and voting in a way that reflects a genuine love of the state of Utah and its people.

Sen. Dave Steele

District 21

West Point