I am not at all puzzled that Rep. Merrill Cook kept his fund-raiser featuring House Speaker Newt Gingrich quiet this past week (Deseret News, July 1). It's well-known that the extremist ideologue speaker finds a loyal ally in Cook, who votes with Gingrich 93 percent of the time, something to scarcely be proud of.

The facts are that Cook supports Gingrich's initiatives to scrap Social Security, deny tax relief to families making less than $30,000 a year (HR2014), increase spending of Congress by 5.4 percent (HRES 129) and the clincher, the vote to increase his own salary (HR2378). It appears that all of the "conservative" values rhetoric is nothing but hot air. The "Republican Revolution" ran out of steam, and Merrill Cook shows his true colors as a typical, Washington politician out of touch with taxpaying, working families in the 2nd District.Colour Frazier

Salt Lake City