Age: 44.

Where born: Clearwater, Neb.

Family: Wife, Kelly, and three children, one girl and two boys.

Education/special training: Electrical engineering and computer science at UC Davis.

Number employees: 150.

Web site: (


First job: Electronics technician.

Management style: I like being hands on but love enabling people to help themselves.

Key to success: Never be afraid to admit you don't know.

Why this career?: Challenge of change; and to enable businesses to build a dynamic information technology organization that can keep pace with technology and provide sound information technology service.

My business goals: To build efficient technical support centers using the latest technology.

A word of advice: Our choices make our life. Don't be afraid to decide your future.

Your most influential mentors: Those I've had the pleasure of working for; those who believe in themselves.

Favorite book, movie or Web site: L. Ron Hubbard - "Mission Earth" series.