If you think it has been a long time since there's been an air show here, you're right.

The last air show at Hill was in 1995, and it's still uncertain when the next one will be.Sylvia LeMons-Liddle of the Hill Air Force Base Public Affairs Office, said Aug. 19, 1995, was the last air show the base hosted. She said Hill won't know until the first of next year if it will have a show in 1999.

She said the base prefers a June show. It could still hold an air show without a big name groups but has decided against that.

The base prefers to have a show every two to three years, but the availability of the big flying groups, like the Thunderbirds or Blue Angels, varies. When these groups make a lot of overseas tours, as they have in recent years, it makes it tougher for bases like Hill to book them.

The Thunderbirds performed at Hill in 1995. The most recent air show at Hill prior to that was in June 1992.