An airport closed to civilian flights since the outbreak of the Bosnian war in 1992 has re-opened.

The opening of the airport in Mostar, 60 miles south of the capital, Sarajevo, was delayed for several months because of political disputes. It had been closed to all but NATO flights.Mostar is Bosnia's third civilian airport; two others are in Sarajevo and Banja Luka. A Croatian Airlines plane from Zagreb, Croatia, was the first to land at Mostar on Tuesday.

Carlos Westendorp, the top international diplomat in Bosnia, cut the ribbon at the opening ceremony. He was joined by other international officials, including the U.S. envoy to the Balkans, Robert Gelbard.

The European Union and NATO helped reconstruct the terminal, but that was not enough to open the airport because local officials couldn't agree on who would run the facility.

Half of the airport lies on Bosnian Croat territory and half on Muslim territory.

Westendorp appointed a seven-member body of three Muslims, three Croats and one international chairman to run the airport for the next six months.