July is nearly upon us, the month in which we celebrate the founding of our country and the arrival of the pioneers in this great Salt Lake Valley. Through careful planning, hard work and sacrifice, our forefathers created the standard of living we enjoy here today. Now it's our responsibility to do all we can to preserve and enhance this quality of life for future generations.

What can we do? Campaign signs and literature everywhere signal the onset of another election year. Those elected this November will usher Utah into the 21st century, and some will welcome the world here during the 2002 Olympic Games.Critical decisions will be made by government leaders that will affect each of us and our posterity for years to come. These decisions must not be made by candidates with "hidden agendas" or those supported by "special-interest groups."

Each citizen who truly cherishes freedom must get involved. This is not the year to sit back and find ourselves too busy or uninterested in politics. Apathy is pathetic. As a candidate for the Legislature, I know firsthand how desperately those running for public office need not only our votes but our time, energy and money as well. Let's look around and find one to support in some way. Let's all "pledge our allegiance" to the values for which our state and nation stand, that we may do our part in preserving "liberty and justice for all."

Karen W. Morgan

Salt Lake City