The following includes a list of Utah children who, over the past couple of decades, were reported missing and later found to be victims of abductions and homicides.

Destiny Norton, 5, Salt Lake City — Last seen at 8:30 p.m. July 16 outside her home. After eight days of searches and investigation, her body was found about 8:30 p.m. July 24, after police served a search warrant at the apartment of neighbor Craig Roger Gregerson. Gregerson, 20, was booked into Salt Lake County Jail on suspicion of criminal homicide and child kidnapping.

Trisha Ann Autry, 15, Logan — Disappeared without a trace in June 2000. Her scattered remains were found in May 2001 buried near Logan; Cody Lynn Nielsen was convicted of her murder and was sentenced in 2004 to life in prison without the possibility of parole. The judge imposed an additional 25-year term in a complex sentencing arrangement.

Rosie Tapia, 6, Glendale — Kidnapped from her home while sleeping Aug. 13, 1995. Her body was found the next morning in the Jordan River bearing evidence of sexual abuse; no one has been arrested in the case.

Kiplyn Davis, 15, Spanish Fork — Failed to return home from high school on May 2, 1995. A classmate, Timmy Brent Olsen, was charged with her murder in 4th District Court in June. A trial has yet to be scheduled. A federal perjury trial against Olsen ended Wednesday with a verdict of guilty on all 15 counts. Two other men, Christopher Neal Jeppson and Rucker Leifson, also have been charged with perjury in federal court in connection with Kiplyn's disappearance. A remaining pair, Scott Brunson and Garry Blackmore, also were charged but struck plea deals and agreed to testify against Olsen at his perjury trial. Kiplyn's body has not been found.

Courtney Jo Flemal, 3, Ogden — Disappeared June 7, 1994. Her body was found three days later under a bush at the Ogden Cemetery, three blocks from her mother's apartment; her mother, Shelly Flemal, a methamphetamine addict, pleaded guilty to the murder in 1994 and remains in prison.

Bobbie Jo Hart, 5, Ogden — Strangled Oct. 23, 1992. Her body was found stuffed in a garbage can behind Douglas Craig Anderson's home the night after she disappeared; Anderson, then 15, was convicted of aggravated murder and is in prison on a life sentence.

Tara Stark, 10, Roy — Found in an irrigation ditch on Oct. 13, 1992. Sean Winget, then 15, strangled Stark on their walk home from school; Winget was found guilty of manslaughter but mentally ill and has been released from prison on parole.

Stephanie Blundell, 13; Lisa Martinez, 17; Tuesday Roberts, 15 — Kidnapped, raped and murdered, along with 42-year-old Margo Bond, in 1992 by parolee Roberto Arguelles, according to his own confession. Blundell was walking to school from her home in Magna, while the other girls were walking to Valley Fair Mall. Bond was at work early at a junior high school. Arguelles asked to be executed and a judge imposed the death penalty, but it was stayed. He died in prison in 2003 of natural causes.

Alonzo Daniels, 4; Kim Petersen, 11; Danny Davis, 4; Troy Ward, 6; and Graeme Cunningham, 13 — Kidnapped, sexually assaulted and killed. Arthur Gary Bishop confessed in July 1983 to the crimes against these Salt Lake boys. Alonzo disappeared from the courtyard of his parents' apartment complex in 1979; Kim disappeared in 1980 after heading off to sell his roller skates to a man; Danny was not seen after being in a grocery store in 1981; Troy was taken from a park where he was to meet a friend in 1983; Graeme didn't come home for dinner in 1983. Bishop was executed by lethal injection in 1988.

Rachael Runyan, 3, Sunset — Grabbed by a man in a parked car at a Sunset park in August 1982. Her body was found 21 days later in a stream in Morgan County; cause of death was never determined, and her killer remains at large.

Annie Hoskinson, 3, Clinton — Came up missing in the early 1980s. An intense search, in which teenager John P. Miller participated, revealed her body stuffed in a closet. Miller was sent to prison in 1981 in connection with her death and remains there on murder and sex abuse charges.