Dan Fogelberg deals in precious metals: gold and platinum mainly. He writes and sings and his fans line up and buy.

Performing at ParkWest 7:30 p.m. June 10, Fogelberg will bring his eclectic range of music to Utah once again. Pin the "balladeer" label on him and he comes out with a country-bluegrass album like "High Country Snows." Prepare for mellow and he releases a rocker like "Exile."Fogelberg, whose last Utah concert was September 1987, is now single, clean-shaven and still stretching his talents. Whether he goes acoustic or electric on his Fender guitar, Fogelberg offers emotion and introspection along with his music.

Raised by a bandleader father and a classically trained musician mother, Fogelberg notes in a press release that he grew up on Benny Goodman and Chopin. Taking piano lessons and experimenting with an acoustic guitar given to him by his grandfather led to garage bands and an eventual recording contract in Los Angeles.

After he left his Illinois hometown and found musical success, Fogelberg eventually farmed in Tennessee and then moved near Boulder, Colo. He now calls the southwest mountains of Colorado home. Living in a Victorian-style solar house in the San Juan Mountains, Fogelberg finds that raising horses, cattle and chickens encourages his writing.

"In order to write the kind of things I do, I have to lead a semi-normal life. I write about real life, real people, and I wouldn't get that living the life of a rock 'n roll star. Living here lets me enjoy the best of both worlds," Fogelberg said.

With unique stylization, he continues to chart the coming-of-age angst or love-lost blues with the Fogelberg intrepretation whether the musical vehicle is rock, country, blues or romantic ballad.

Tickets are available at the Salt Palace Special Events Center, Smith's-Tix and ParkWest for $15.25 in advance; $17.25 the day of the concert. For information, call United Concerts at 355-5522 or Smith'sTix at 467-5996. - Karen Swedin