Five arson investigators and three dozen firefighters spent the early morning hours Monday responding to eight fires that destroyed three garages, two cars and damaged two trash containers

Salt Lake Fire Capt. Devin Villa said the eight fires were deliberately set and are part of an extensive arson investigation.There were no injuries associated with any of the blazes, but eight fire units were kept hopping from 1:30 a.m., when the first fire was reported, to well past 4:38 a.m., when the last series of blazes was called in.

Villa said the investigation also includes a grass fire that threatened a garage but was quelled before it could do any damage.

All of the fires were concentrated in the area from 1300 South and 1050 East to 1700 South and 950 East.

"This was very taxing," Villa said. "There was no virtually no rest for any of those units."

Villa estimated the damage to the garages at $25,000.