The City Coun-cil has granted conceptual approval to Farmington Creek Estates Phase II, pending the establishment of a developer's agreement to hash out many of the problems with the proposed 57-lot residential subdivision.

Located on 32 acres west of the Denver and Rio Grande Railroad tracks and south of 500 South, the Candland Olsen planned unit development came under fire from west Farmington residents.Homeowners in the area cite water runoff problems associated with Phase I of the development and also fear losing the right to keep farm animals as more homes are built.

Mayor Greg Bell said he's confident the developer can solve water drainage problems in the area.

Area residents also said they wanted larger lots in the development and Olsen has given them that at the expense of less open space.

The original proposal for average lot size in Farmington Creek was 13,700 square feet. The new proposal increases that average to 17,500 square feet. However, it also reduces the non-wetlands open space from 27 percent to 15 percent.

The subdivision is expected to return to the City Council on July 15, 7 p.m., for additional work in the approval process.