A recent poll of Davis County voters shows J. Dell Holbrook trailing incumbent Dannie R. McConkie by 11 percentage points in the race for County Commission Seat A. And boy is he happy.

"I'm pleased with that," Holbrook said. "It's better than I thought."The poll, conducted by Dan Jones and Associates for the Deseret News, shows McConkie having 47 percent support to Holbrook's 36 percent. Also, 18 percent of those polled are undecided, and that's more than enough to change the outcome to Holbrook's favor.

Holbrook, of West Bountiful, said the undecided percentage was much higher than he expected. "That could win the campaign," he said.

The poll has an error margin of plus or minus 8 percent.

McConkie, who resides in an unincorporated area of south Davis County near North Salt Lake, said he wasn't sure what to expect from such a poll.

"That's pretty good," he said of the results.

McConkie said he's just now starting to gear up for his re-election bid and he'll be working hard to try to sway those undecided voters.

He was unchallenged this year by other Republicans. But in the 1994 general election, McConkie unseated Holbrook by a 62 to 38 percent margin.

Holbrook said he's running for office again for two reasons. First, he believes there's a lot of unrest in Davis County over transportation issues. Second, he feels his church issued an indirect call for him to run for office when it said it was OK to be a Democrat and that it prefers diversity in elections.

"I think I can do a better job than's being done," he said.

McConkie said he's running again for lots of reasons. He wants to finish many of the projects he started - particularly the conference center and the Legacy Parkway.

"I think I can offer a service to the public that's of value."

In the race for County Commission Seat B, the Dan Jones poll is showing no contest.

If the general election were held this summer - instead of Nov. 3 - current Republican Davis County Commissioner Carol R. Page would easily retain her seat.

The poll shows Page of Kaysville with 67 percent support compared with 16 percent for Democratic challenger Todd Dee Weber of Clearfield.

And even if all 17 percent of undecided voters polled in Davis County ended up casting ballots for Weber, it wouldn't be enough to sway the election in his favor.

Page was pleased with the results of the poll. She said she hopes it's indicative of how well the voters think she's doing her job.

Page defeated Republican Michael J. Cragun 67 percent to 33 percent in the June 23 primary election to advance to the general election.

Surprisingly, Weber (pronounced "Webb-er") was also pleased by the poll. "That's not so bad considering I haven't done anything," he said.

Weber said he hopes to let people know that it's not so bad if you vote for a Democrat. He also not only wants to grab that undecided 17 percent of the voters but also lure Cragun's former supporters to his side.

One other key factor in the November election may be voter turnout. Only 15 percent of registered voters turned out for this year's primary.


Additional Information

Deseret News Poll

If the general election were held today, for whom would you vote?

David County Commission Seat A

Dannie McConkie (R) 47%

J. Dell Holbrook (D) 36%

Don't Know 18%

David County Commission Seat B

Carol Page (R) 67%

Todd Weber (D) 16% Don't Know 17%

A poll of 101 registered voters in Davis County was conducted June 13-19 with a margin of error +/- 8.0 by Dan Jones & Associates, an independent polling firm whose clients include other organizations and sometimes political parties and candidates.

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