Columbia Ogden

Regional Medical Center-

ADAMS, Lori and Steve, Syracuse, girl, June 19.

BAILEY, Tina and Kevin, Ogden, girl, June 17.

BARCLAY, Jennifer and Bradley, Ogden, girl, June 21.

BOEHME, Raquel and Scott, Pleasant View, boy, June 17.

BOREN, Gina and Gregory, Syracuse, girl, June 22.

BROWN, Sarah and Anthony, Roy, boy, June 18.

CASTELL, Martha and Hugo, Ogden, girl, June 22.

CEJA, Primavera and Rodolfo, Ogden, boy, June 18.

COY, Jodi and Brent, Riverdale, boy, June 22.

CRAWFORD, Jennifer and Randall, Ogden, girl, June 18.

FOWERS, Janelle and Quinn, Roy, girl, June 17.

HERNANDEZ, Michele and Victor, Clearfield, boy, June 19.

HOFER, Doris and Michael, Ogden, boy, June 18.

KELSEY, Sue Ann and Jeffrey, South Weber, girl, June 20.

LARIS, Karyn and Matthew, Ogden, boy, June 19.

MONSON, Holly and Renn, Clearfield, girl, June 21.

OTT, Sandra and Joseph, Layton, boy, June 18.

PERKINS, Colleen and George, West Point, boy, June 19.

PETERSON, Cami and Brandon, Harrisville, girl, June 21.

PORTER, Christy and Edward, Roy, boy, June 18.

SALINAS, Elizabeth and Manuel, Ogden, boy, June 19.

STEVENSON, Debra and Ryan, Ogden, boy, June 20.

TERRY, Merilee and Travis, Ogden, girl, June 17.

ZAUGG, Suzanne and Scott, Hooper, girl, June 20.

Columbia St. Mark's Hospital-

CHRISTY, Gale, Salt Lake City, girl, July 2.

GALLAND, Jennifer and Ashley, Salt Lake City, girl, July 2.

GARDNER, Melisa and Karston, Magna, boy, July 2.

ISRAELSON, Brittany, and STARKEY, Lowell, Salt Lake City, girl, July 1.

JEWETT, Amy and Shane, West Jordan, girl, July 1.

JOLLEY, Jeri, Salt Lake City, boy, July 2.

MILLER, Jonnie and Brian, West Jordan, girl, July 2.

RANDLES, Lisa and John, Sandy, boy, July 1.

SEVILLA, Luz and Javier, Wendover, Nev., girl, July 2.

WILLIAMS, Charity and Troy, Salt Lake City, boy, July 2.

Lakeview Hospital-

BIGELOW, Dana and Michael, Roy, girl, June 25.

DOPP, Kathleen and Judd, Layton, boy, June 29.

HEYDDRN, Carie and Mark, North Salt Lake, girl, June 29.

HEYWOOD, Tammy and Edwin, West Valley City, boy, June 30.

NAYLOR, Kasha and Matt, Woods Cross, boy, June 30.

NUNN, Bethaney and Allen, Bountiful, boy, June 24.