Two more wildland fires were ignited Saturday.

In addition to the "Faust fire," which has burned about 4,000 acres in remote Tooele County, another fire ignited nearby on Saturday has crews scrambling for containment.The newest blaze was reported about 5 p.m. Saturday, 50 miles south and west of Tooele near Simpson Springs, said Kathy Jo Pollock of the Salt Lake Inter-agency Fire Center. It has burned nearly 450 acres.

One fire crew was pulled from the Faust fire to work on the new fire, along with engines dispatched from neighboring communities, Pol-lock said.

The second fire had residents of one tiny Beaver County town in the path of a fire burning out of control Saturday.

The Bureau of Land Management reported that a fire ignited about 2:30 p.m. Saturday on the northwest side of Minersville Reservoir. By 9:30 p.m., it had burned bout 2,000 acres and threatened the town of Adamsville.

"It's still out of control," BLM spokeswoman Anne Stanworth said Saturday, "and it's pushing toward Adamsville, within about a mile and a half right now."

Unlike the larger Faust fire, which started in a grassy range and spread quickly through the dry vegetation, Pollock said crews fighting the Simpson Spring blaze have had a little help from the surrounding environment.

"It has burned itself into a marshy area and bumped into a road," Pollock said.

Fire crews hope to have the fire contained Sunday by 7 p.m. The Faust fire is expected to be contained by 8 p.m. Sunday and controlled late Monday.

Both the Faust and Simpson Springs fires appear to be "human caused," Pollack said, though no specific cause has been identified yet.

However, because the area was used by campers and visitors over the holiday weekend, Pollack said one suspicion is that the use of All-Terrain Vehicles may have played a role.

"With the grass so high, if an ATV cuts across the open areas, it could spark one," she said. "It's just so hot and dry out there."

As a precautionary measure, the agency is asking all ATV operators to stay on designated routes.

"We're not sure if that's what's doing it, but it's a definite possibility."

Fire crews fighting the blaze near Minersville Reservoir attempted to establish a fire line around the tiny town of Adamsville, which Stanworth said "looks to be holding as of tonight." The fire appears to be traveling northwest of Minersville Reservoir, she said, while Adamsville is at the north end.

Beaver County Sheriff's personnel evacuated people from around the reservoir Saturday afternoon, Stanworth said, and the Beaver Fire department was dispatched to provide structure protection in Adamsville.

Stanworth said the BLM sent several engines, a 20-person "hot shot" crew, three air tankers and a helicopter to aid the Beaver Fire Department. Three additional firefighting crews were also ordered to respond, and an additional helicopter has been dispatched from Arizona to help.

There is no estimate as to when the fire will be contained, Stan-worth said. It is moving quickly, fueled by dry conditions and brisk winds, often gusting to 30 mph.

The cause of the fire is still under investigation.