A shipment of relief supplies destined for refugees in Bosnia was stolen from a storage shed outside the North Logan Mormon stake center whose members spearheaded the drive.

The shipment of bath linens, toiletries, quilts and toys was taken from the storage unit between 4 and 9 p.m., just hours after they were put there, said project co-coordinator Candace Leishman.The items had been collected and organized by the stake center's youths from hundreds of contributors.

When the project's other coordinator, Patty Jones, tried to lock the shed door, it wouldn't close because of a broken latch. While Jones was gone, someone entered the unit and emptied it, except for four boxes of wooden toys.

Leishman and Jones say they will try to replace the stolen goods or, better yet, recover them.

"It doesn't matter who took them," Leishman said. "It would just be nice to have them back."