Never were truer words spoken than by the Movie Buffs juror: "Have you ever been to war? That was what it was like. We were waging war with Satan." And Satan almost won. Five out of six jurors voted to implement Satan's plan in Utah County. Satan's plan, as you may recall, was not about tempting people to watch naughty videos. It was to force people to be good. One lone juror, how-ever, voted as Jesus would, to allow people to choose between good and evil.

Free agency won this round, barely. Now, will the prosecutors again show their allegiance to Satan and call for a new trial on this eternal struggle? Will the next jury understand what they are really voting on? Our free agency and our Constitution are hanging as if by a thread. Will the faithful of Zion cut that thread in the name of "protecting the children from sin"?Will Marshall

Big Water