The op-ed in the June 26 Deseret News by Karrie Galloway of Planned Parenthood is dead wrong when it comes to "partial birth abortion." Whatever Congressman Cook can do to raise the level of understanding of this "murderous" procedure among his constituents and the citizens of our state is commendable. I only wish other public officials had similar courage.

"Partial birth abortion" is accomplished as follows: The full-term baby is in the womb, and the physician turns the baby around so it must leave the birth canal feet first. As the birth proceeds, he holds the feet so that the head cannot exit the birth canal causing a live birth. He then punctures the skull and vacuums the brains out of the viable but technically unborn child.I have explained this procedure to several allegedly well-educated friends over the past few months. They were not only sickened by the thought, they refused to believe this could be allowed in our society. As a result I provided them with a brochure from Right To Life of Michigan containing reprinted drawings from the Washington Post and the New York Times. Yes, it is sickening and unthinkable. Glossing over it with such words as "choice," "women's rights" and "planned parenthood" doesn't make it any less sickening or reprehensible.

Richard H. Headlee

Park City