I've tried hard for well over a year to find "affordable" housing. Seems none exists (at least along the Wasatch Front). Then I checked all around and finally found a few affordable pre-fab and/or double-wide mobile-home lots.

It's scary and amazing how many requirements each little area has of its own. It gets very involved and extra expensive.Some ads showed up in the paper, and then the ad kept changing. Researching further, I found out the individual didn't even own the advertised merchandise. At least one had no axles or tongue. So I've checked and called around to see what's involved to have it separated and made ready to move.That came to $9,500, a terrible unforeseen extra expense. These trailers have been good enough, and some have been updated and/or remodeled by the state for offices. Yet with some, the towns don't want to allow them in because of their age. One I looked at was about 30 years old. But the roof had been redone and a nice pitch added with overhangs. So I was willing to take a chance on it. Also, it has copper (not aluminum, which some had) electric wiring.

But I'm still not sure it will be accepted or allowed where I had hoped to move it. Why? I'm willing to make it nice and acceptable. If it wasn't for such a horrendous moving expense, I'd have even more money to make improvements and up-grades.

I don't qualify for much and sacrificed a lot already to remain on my own and to be very independent and not be a burden on anyone. Not my children or grandchildren. Not society or the government. How, when or where do we get an even break in life? I'm content with that mobile home and want to slowly improve on it. It's livable. Why all the hassle and restrictions? I made what I thought was a good choice.

Fred Dammaschke

South Jordan