Just because you're president of the United States doesn't mean you can't get stuck in an elevator. It happened to Bill Clinton Friday - for 10 long minutes. Finally, the elevator doors were pried open and Clinton was freed, along with his wife, Hillary, Chief of Staff Erskine Bowles and some Secret Service agents.

Apparently a lightning bolt in a thunderstorm triggered a power surge that knocked out a computer at the Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Center. The loss of power stopped Clinton's elevator after he spoke to a group of business leaders. Backup power kicked in and allowed the elevator to move to a floor but the doors would not open, presidential spokesman Barry Toiv said. The agents with Clinton radioed for help; it was clear to agents waiting for the president that something was amiss, Toiv said.After the 10-minute wait, "they pried open the doors," Toiv said. "Nobody was overly concerned. They were cracking jokes about it, the president and everybody."