I am writing in response to the verdict or lack thereof in the Movie Buffs case. The juror who held out was quoted as saying he felt the movies were obscene, but a jury should not decide for the whole community. I thought they were viewing the films to determine if it was pornography, not obscene. I always thought pornography was much worse than obscenities.

If we are allowed to take people to court for being obscene, here are some good examples of obscenities we definitely need to prosecute.The amount of hard-earned money taken from citizens in taxes. The salary the Congress of the United States gets paid and is set for automatic increases every few years.

The amount of money congressmen get in retirement payments and the length of time they can receive it.

The amount of "rent" we must continue to pay to the government under the guise of property taxes.

The increase in the sales tax UTA is requesting to fund light rail, after we voted light rail down.

The tax money we are being made to spend on the Olympics.

There are many, many more "obscene" things that are legal for the government to do to us, and we cannot take them to court to correct them.

Now, which is more obscene in your eyes? Someone wilfully renting a dirty movie or your money being stolen from you by the government without any recourse?

Chauna Pierce

Libertarian candidate, District 38