A Utah man wanted for his role in a 1996 Taylorsville homicide has been arrested in Mexico City.

Jose Mario Jiminez-Arres, 27, was arrested Tuesday by Mexican federal police, the FBI said.Jiminez-Arres was being sought by the Salt Lake County Sheriff's Office for the Oct. 20, 1996, fatal shooting of Henry Dennis Miera at a convenience store, 4110 S. Redwood Road, Salt Lake County Sheriff's Sgt. Jim Potter said.

Miera, 32, was sitting in his car in front of the store at 1:30 a.m. waiting for two friends who were inside. The suspect and the men got into a dispute and upon emerging from the store, Jiminez-Arres brandished a .45 caliber handgun and attempted to fire several shots.

When the two men fled on foot, Jiminez-Arres approached Miera's vehicle and fired four to five point-blank rounds into his torso, police said.

Salt Lake County detective Mark Chidester has diligently tracked Jiminez-Arrez for more than a year, Potter said.

"The credit goes to him," Potter said. "He's done the leg work, he's talked to hundreds of witnesses and took this to America's Most Wanted. He really dug in to find this guy."

But officials are a long way from having this case closed, Potter said. Jiminez-Arres still has to be extradited to Utah to face trial.