Our topic today is the 401 plan. The Keogh Plan was named after a guy named Keogh. The Marshall Plan was named after a guy named Marshall. But 401(K) These nerdy parentheses are why people hate the government.

- Why 401(K) What happened to 401(A) through 401(J) People who had a 401(J) - are they now the homeless?- How long did it take the IRS pension experts to futz around from plan 1(A) all the way through 401(J) before they finally got it right with 401(K)?

- I think I'll wait for the 401(L) That will put me on the pension plan cutting edge - at least until the 401(M)s come out.

- With my nifty new 401(M) I'll be right up there with the fast-lane yuppies who have high-definition television and children away at polo camp.