This letter is in response to the recent article written by Calvin Rampton.

The mayors of Salt Lake County have cooperatively looked at the roads that have capacity problems and have asked Congressman Merrill Cook, as a member of the transportation committee, to help us to gain the funds necessary to provide safe and efficient travel for our citizens. Anyone that has traveled 7200 South between State Street and 700 East or 7800 South from Redwood Road to 2700 West knows that old, narrow roads cause problems.If one looks at the projects specified by Cook, it can be seen that critical roads in Draper, Riverton, Sandy, Midvale, West Jordan and Murray have been addressed by this funding. This cooperative evaluation by communities and assistance from Cook will potentially cure some of the most serious problems that exist within and between cities.

All of the roads specified in Cook's recommendation are roads owned by cities, not by the state or county. Transportation problems will continue to escalate if we don't address the needs of surface transportation locally.

My understanding of pork is money spent to do projects that serve a special population or special interest group. All of the people traveling within Salt Lake County hardly meet that criteria.

JoAnn B. Seghini, mayor

Midvale City Corp.