A convicted animal rights bomber who's been on the lam since April 30 surrendered to federal authorities Tuesday.

Douglas Joshua Ellerman, 19, was taken into custody after he called U.S. marshals from his parents' home in Draper Monday night. U.S. Magistrate Samuel Alba ordered him held in jail pending a hearing July 15.Ellerman, a former member of the Animal Liberation Front, admitted in February that he and other ALF members were responsible for the March 11, 1997, bombing of the Fur Breeders Agricultural Cooperative in Sandy.

According to Ellerman, the co-op, 8720 S. 700 West, was targeted for destruction because it was a major player in the national and international fur trade. The ALF is dedicated to terrorist actions against institutions that harm animals.

He was awaiting sentencing on the charge when he disappeared. Before he fled, prosecutors had offered to recommend he receive less than the minimum five-year sentence - instead of the possible 50 years - if he cooperated in the continuing investigation of the bombing.

U.S. District Judge J. Thomas Greene said at a hearing on May 7 that Ellerman might be able to salvage the plea agreement if he surrendered soon. Prosecutors did not indicate whether they will withdraw their earlier recommendation of leniency.