I have been reading the letters in this paper advising people to vote against amendment SJR10, the wildlife issue. The reasoning behind this no vote being that the people of Utah would not have a voice in their own government if this amendment passes. Nothing could be further from the truth.

To participate in government, a person must attend the mass meetings at the local level. The same is true to participate in wildlife management. There are five regional RAC boards in the state of Utah. Citizens are invited, no, encouraged, to attend these meetings to voice their opinions on wildlife issues in Utah. The RAC boards then report to the Big Game Board, which in turn makes recommendations of the Division of Wildlife Resources. All of these boards are made up of citizens of Utah. Thus, the people of Utah decide wildlife issues for Utah.That is why I will be voting yes for wildlife amendment SJR10 in November and will be asking everyone in Utah to do the same. A yes vote will ensure the citizens of Utah a vote for the fate of wildlife for many years to come.

Pat Ingram