The city may revise its sign ordinance to allow more leeway in the placement of temporary directional signs along city streets.

Blaine Jensen RV, one of the largest tenants in the city's business park, wants customers to be better able to find the business at the far north of the park.With a special summer event planned, Jensen especially wants some directional signs near 200 North - the only entrance to the business park.

Jensen did have some directional signs up earlier this year, but city officials asked to have them removed after other business park tenants wanted similar signs - a violation of the current sign ordinance.

Although the business park is readily visible from I-15, getting there can be confusing.

City manager John Thacker would like a brick and concrete sign erected to mark the entrance to the business park. A directory of tenants has also been considered for the edge of Barnes Park, though most councilmen feel the names would be too small to read from the road.

Mayor Brian Cook favors the entrance sign. He'd also like city entrance signs erected near I-15 and 200 North once the new traffic signal work is complete at the freeway exits.

In addition, Bowman's grocery store, 326 N. Main, wants to erect some temporary directional signs to show residents how best to reach the business during the extensive road work on north Main Street this summer.