The City Council hasn't minded giving up a few homes here and there to Kaysville's city boundaries in the past.

However, a new request to give up 12 acres of commercial land near 910 S. Main could result in the loss of $200,000 in future sales tax revenue, so Layton council members have decided against the Kaysville proposal.Several property owners want Layton to de-annex them so Kaysville can annex them.

Layton community development director Scott Carter said the owners may favor Kaysville because that city could supply the undeveloped property with im-me-di-ate access to water lines.

"The question is, how do we provide service to the area?" Mayor Jerry Stevenson asked.

He also said shifting boundaries that include homes means little to the city, but commercial land is another matter.

City Manager Alex Jensen said he initially wasn't concerned about the annexation request. However, after the sales tax revenue potential was realized, he - like the rest of the City Council - doesn't want to lose such land. He pointed out that Layton has invested in roads to the area.

"It's not in Layton's best interest," Councilman Stuart Adams said of the possible annexation.

Jensen said Kaysville officials didn't cooperate with Layton very well on a recent issue involving Blaine Jensen RV. That business sits along the Layton border in Kaysville, but it has affected a southwest Layton subdivision.

The council has also directed the city staff to work with Kaysville to formalize the boundaries and improve the process for handling such requests.