Utah Democrats have backed off allegations that the Utah League of Credit Unions improperly contributed resources to the campaign for GOP Rep. Merrill Cook.

Democratic officials said they will not file the planned complaint with the Federal Election Commission.Party officials, campaigning for Cook's opponent in the 2nd Congressional District race, Lily Eskelsen, earlier this month claimed the league had improperly helped the Cook campaign with two May fund-raisers that took in about $10,000.

But after discussion between attorneys for the party and the league, party officials retreated.

"We were going to file that complaint, and it was going to be in good faith, but we got an explanation that changed that," said Democratic Party lawyer Mike Murray.

The dispute stemmed from the Democrats' contention that the league lacked its own federally registered political action committee, or PAC, and therefore should not have contributed resources toward Cook's campaign.

"It just wasn't enough to rise to the level of going all out and filing a full-blown complaint with the FEC," Murray said.

Cook's campaign manager, Caroline Roemer, scoffed at the notion that anything was inappropriate. She suggested the earlier announcement was a cheap shot intended to stir up some bad press.

Democratic Party officials were unapologetic but reluctant to discuss the details of the incident.