Big voices filled the E Center Monday night. Those vocal chords belonged to Michael Bolton and Wynonna Judd.

And though Bolton was actually the headliner, it was the one with the big hair that had the bigger show. Yes, Wynonna - as she prefers to be called - stole the show with her sass, spunk and attitude.Bolton, who recently cut short his massive mane, had a pleasant show, but lacked the enthusiasm, attitude and rapport with the audience. Sure the majority of the woman screamed and swooned whenever Bolton moved, but the audience seemed to warm up better to Wynonna.

The dynamic redhead strutted about the stage and belted out her trademark country soul. Her set kicked off with "The Wyld Unknown" and then headed straight for "Somebody to Love You."

Wynonna - who at one hilarious point asked an excited and hyperactive older man named Tom to joined her on stage - sported a black, sequined lace gown and black platform shoes as she paced, danced and sang. She hammed it up and posed for photos, saying such lines as "Get a closeup."

Other divine selections Diva Wynonna performed included "The Kind of Fool Love Makes," "Tell Me Why" and "Love Like That."

In a poignant moment of the show, Wynonna dedicated "Come Some Rainy Day" to her younger sister - actress Ashley Judd.

The anthemic "The Other Side" and "No One Else On Earth" had the audience members - a majority of which had never seen a Wynonna concert - dancing and singing along.

Wynonna's encore included "Is It Over Yet?" and the gospel burst of "Always Will."

Bolton's set was big on the sets and small on the substance, but it's the songs' fault, not his. They are either easy ballads or upbeat soul. Nothing in between.

No, his singing was right on, but lacked in personality, especially after the spunk Wynonna displayed.

Backed by a stage of Greek columns, one might have thought the night would end up being Mikey at the Acropolis. It came close. Smooth, lush arrangements were the name as the band (and Bolton) played "Hercules" theme "Go the Distance," "Love Is a Wonderful Thing" and "I Said I Loved You, But I Lied."

Bolton did look better with short hair but seemed to enjoy the stage.

A cover of the Four Tops' "Reach Out I'll Be There" and "Soul Provider" were more of the highlights.

Speaking of covers, Bolton boldy brought out some opera arias to the audience - Puccini's "Nessun Dorma" and Massenet's "Pourquoi Me R Tveiler?" were among those works.

The highlights of Bolton's set included "When A Man Loves A Woman," which was sung in the middle of the arena and the head-flipping duet with Wynonna - "It Takes Two."

Together, Wynonna and Bolton tied their voices together in unique and complementing harmonies. The blend was that satisfying.

Country? Pop? or Easy Listening? Take your pick.