Brigham Young

TRACK AND FIELD: Tara Rohatinsky won the 5,000 meter race at this year's U.S. Junior Track and Field Championships at Edwardsville, Ill.

The 5-foot-3 BYU freshman won Friday's race with a time of 16:42.82, 12 seconds ahead of Weber State's Sharlyn Maughan. Maughan's second-place time was 16:54.17.

In the 3,000 meter race, the Cougars' Sarah Ellis from Altadena, Calif., finished second with a time of 9:47.21. Teammate Kristen Barnes, a freshman from Oakpark, Ill., finished in fifth place with a time of 9:58.95. Laura Heiner, from Centerville, won the race with a time of 9:46.59. Heiner will run for BYU next season.

Cougar freshman Jolee Gillespie placed fourth in the 1,500 meter race with a time of 4:33.27.