With the 2002 Olympics less than four years away, Ogden officials are starting to spruce up one of the city's unsightly entrance roads.

City crews will begin installing curbs, gutters, and sidewalks this fall along Pennsylvania Avenue, a stretch of road that runs east from I-15 and turns into 24th Street, said Jon Ruiz, the public works director.Pear and shade trees, old-fashioned street lights and red paving stones are also planned. Improvements will extend to the west side of 24th Street with an archway right before the viaduct.

"It will create a nice viewscape that will channel the eyes toward the mountains," said Leonard Grassli, the landscape architect hired to design the street.

But the aesthetic improvements aren't all that's needed, according to some West Ogden residents.

They say the street needs a northbound ramp to I-15 to complete the facelift.

"Isn't all that (work) in vain without a proper interchange?" said Casper Dominguez, who lives next to the freeway entrance and owns a garage on 24th street.

But Bruce Swenson, the regional design engineer for UDOT, said a new onramp is unlikely because of federal restrictions and the high cost.