When an earthquake brought down the freeways in California, they were rebuilt in months. Our governor, state political leaders and bureaucrats have chosen an incredible five-year course that will cost the residents of this state billions of dollars in wasted man hours, unbearable frustration and death to the poor soul who breaks down on the escapeless walled-in two lanes of the freeway.

When I exit I-15, I am met with the absolute lunacy of a myriad of construction projects on nearly every alternate route. I have crawled along for miles on the freeway, day after day, past idle construction equipment with not one worker in sight. A worse possible method of accomplishing this task could not have been taken.I have been a lifelong Republican. With the exception of Bill Orton, I have voted Republican in every election. From this day forward, however, I shall vote for whichever candidate will bring the quickest end to the madness of the I-15 freeway reconstruction.

Paul Karr