Years ago, a leader of a European nation commented that we will not overcome America from without but will destroy you from within. They won't have to. The liberals, news media and the White House is doing the job for them.

From the lies and falsehoods spewing out of the mouths of the liberals, criminal defense lawyers and White House spin doctors including Hot Pants Willie. They all must have been charter members of the Liars Club of America.On every TV talk show that members of these Clinton support groups appear on lately, they immediately start bashing Ken Starr, claiming that he has spent five years and $40 million of taxpayers' money. That might be all well and good. But the White House has also spent well over $32 million of taxpayers' money doing character assassination jobs on any and all people going public with scores of wrongdoings by Slick Willie.

However, there is a big difference in the spending of that money. Any fines from the convictions Starr will get go back into the U.S. Treasury. All of the White House expenditures are gone forever, never to return. I'll give odds that if the truth were known, the taxpayers' money spent by the White House spin doctors will match dollar for dollar every penny Starr has spent.

I am deeply concerned about what is happening to this once great nation, when our current leaders are so power and money hungry that they will stoop to anything to obtain it. No morals, no conscience, no character and no integrity. Consistently speaking from the gutter with lies and innuendos and hoping that the public will swallow it hook, line and sinker. Sure looks like you Clinton supporters will trust him with everything except your daughters.

Elwin Allred