I'm writing in response to the article, "Hatch bill targets transport of young abortion seekers." The bill proposed by Sen. Orrin Hatch calls for parental consent, in every state of the union, for young adults desiring an abortion. I see this as an important issue that more citizens need to give heed to.

Abortion, as everyone knows, is a very sensitive topic, as are its surrounding issues: teen pregnancy, single parents, etc. Although abortion is not the most fun thing to talk about (especially if you are a young, pregnant girl considering abortion), parental consent should be required in all cases involving minors, regardless of whether you live in Utah or New York.In all states you are required to prove your identity and age in order to buy cigarettes or alcohol, but to get an abortion it depends on what state you are in. Does that make sense?

It is a mockery to responsible state governments that have passed this law willfully to have a neighboring states not pass it. How effective is a law that only stretches as far as the states borders? Here in Utah we have a number of examples.

In Utah gambling is illegal. Because gambling is illegal all Utahns stay out of Nevada, right? Wrong. A huge amount of Nevada's economy is fed by Utahns dodging the no-gambling law.

We need to eliminate the escape routes and make young abortion seekers responsible for themselves and the child that they bear. I applaud Hatch and his efforts on this matter.

Lance Smith

West Valley City