Tips and tricks from Home & Garden Television:

Painting tip:

Here's a way to minimize cleanup and conserve water at the end of a painting proj-ect: Line the tray with a brown paper bag. Then pour the paint in. Providing that you used latex paint, you can let any unused paint dry and throw the paper bag away.

- HGTV Home Improvement Tips

Sticky drawers:

If your dresser and cabinet drawers are sticking, get a piece of wax candle or a bar of soap. Run that over the bottom edges of the drawer. Your drawers should then move smoothly.

- Decorating with Style

Leafy conservation:

Placing large trees so that they shade your roof can cut cooling costs considerably in the summer, and evergreens can help during winter by blocking cold winds.

- Gardening By The Yard

Faucet job:

To clean faucets and shower heads: Remove and place in a container of vinegar. Let soak for awhile. The hard-water scale will dissolve away. Then rinse well and reattach. If your can't remove the faucet, tie a plastic bag or small cup filled with vinegar around the faucet.

- Today at Home