For the week of June 28

Spray for peach tree borer

This week is the time to take care of the peach tree borer, one of the most destructive pest of stone fruits. The borer feeds underneath the bark at the base of the tree, and the damage is often fatal. Preventive treatments is essential to prevent serious problems.

Adult borers are clear winged moths that resemble wasps. They are not usually visible unless you closely observe the egg-laying sites. The moths are now laying their eggs at the base of the trees. They will hatch, start crawling around and then start burrowing into the bark. Once they get inside they damage the trunks and are difficult to control.

The best control program is a spray or drench of dursban on the trunk. Let the spray puddle at the base. Spray July 1 and then again August 1. Do not allow the spray to contact the fruit. Read and follow the label directions.

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