Ivory Coast

AKOURE - Rescue workers in Ivory Coast on Saturday called off until Sunday efforts to reach the wreckage of a small plane that crashed near Abidjan with U.N. Special Envoy to Angola Alioune Blondin Beye on board.


TOKYO - The body of a U.S. Marine who was swept away while swimming in a rain-swollen river in southwestern Japan was found by U.S. Navy divers Saturday after a weeklong search, the Marine Corps said.


ALGIERS - Violent protests over the slaying of a popular singer expanded in Algeria's mountainous eastern Berber region on Saturday, leaving at least one person dead.


JERUSALEM - Nearly all shops and businesses shut down across the Arab sector of Jerusalem on Saturday to protest Israeli plans to expand the city's boundaries to maintain a Jewish majority.


VENICE - Fire broke out on a scaffolding and lightly damaged an 18th century church in Venice on Saturday, a news agency reported.


MUNICH - The driver of the high-speed train that crashed and killed 100 people earlier this month had stopped between stations because of a grinding noise more than two hours before the accident, a magazine reported Saturday.

South Korea

SEOUL - North Korea on Saturday blamed South Korea for the death of nine North Korean crewmen aboard a submarine captured by the South and demanded the return of the vessel and its dead crew, a news agency reported.


HAVANA - An envoy of Pope John Paul II urged Roman Catholic teachers in Cuba on Saturday to circumvent official curbs on religious education by creating new, informal ways to spread the church's message on the communist-ruled island.


WASHINGTON, D.C. - The International Monetary Fund has urged Tunisia to accelerate economic growth in order to cut its high unemployment rates, and it said the North African state should speed up structural reforms.


BOGOTA - Colombia's Supreme Court has ordered an investigation into the members of Congress who voted to clear outgoing President Ernesto Samper of possible impeachment on drug corruption charges.


CAIRO - Egyptian President Hosni Mubarak accused Israeli Prime Minister on Saturday of seeking to wreck current Middle East peace achievements by promoting a second peace conference in Madrid.


LEIPZIG - Germany's Free Democrats sought to assert their independence on Saturday and vowed to press Chancellor Helmut Kohl's ruling coalition for a more liberal agenda at a pre-election party congress.


DILI, East Timor - Hundreds of East Timorese paraded the body of a dead protester through the capital of the troubled territory on Saturday calling for independence from Indonesia.

Saudi Arabia

RIYADH - Muslim men may use the anti-impotence drug Viagra if it does not contain any intoxicating substances, Saudi Arabia's top cleric said.


NEW DELHI - Soccer enthusiasts in the tiny Himalayan kingdom of Bhutan, where television has long been banned, are watching the World Cup matches on giant mounted screens, a local journalist said Saturday.