American Fork Hospital-

BAXTER, Suzanne and Kerry, Pleasant Grove, boy, June 11.

BEHUNIN, Bryce and Kristie, Provo, girl, June 11.

BENNETT, Christine and Kevin, American Fork, boy, June 11.

BRACAMONTES, Kristin and Jorge, Kearns, boy, June 9.

BULLOCK, Penny and David, Pleasant Grove, June 10.

CARTER, Cecilia and Jarid, Pleasant Grove, girl, June 10.

FAIRBANKS, Lidija and Adam, Orem, boy, June 10.

HIATT, Rachelle and James, Pleasant Grove, girl, June 9.

HUNTER, Julianne and Chad, Highland, girl, June 10.

HURD, Rose and James, Pleasant Grove, boy, June 11.

JACKSON, Stephanie and Easton, Salt Lake city, June 9.

QUINLOG, Rondee and Jesse, Provo, boy, June 10.

STAPLES, Shelly and William, Sandy, boy, June 10.

SUTTON, Jessica and Bradley, Provo, girl, June 10.

WHITE, Rebecca and Rodney, Lehi, girl, June 8.

Lakeview Hospital-

FRAME, Lisa and Michael, Bountiful, boy, June 17.

DUNHAM, Taresa and Michael, Bountiful, Boy, June 18.

HARTVIGSEN, Janelle and Darin, Bountiful, boy, June 26.

SOLOMON, Liselotte and Daniel, Layton, girl, June 19.

MURANAKA, Caya and Ryan, Layton, boy, June 20.

OKA, Neriza and Jeff, Kaysville, boy, June 21.

MCARTHUR, Jill and Shawn, Syracuse, boy, June 22.

HANSENM, Erin and John, Farmington, boy, June 22.

HALL, Amy and Bailey, Kaysville, girl, June 23.

LDS Hospital-

HOLT, Shanna and David, Salt lake city, TWINS! girl and boy, June 26.

PETTINGILL, Kambria and Grant, Orem, TWINS! girls, Orem, June 26.

ANDERSON, Susan and Craig, Salt Lake City, girl, June 26.

BASSETT, Susan and Perry, Sandy, boy, June 26.

CHIPMAN, Jennifer and Matthew, Salt Lake City, boy, June 26.

DUNFORD, Jill and James, Salt Lake City, girl, June 26.

GILMORE, Shiloah and Clint, Salt Lake City, boy, June 4.

HUTCHINGS, Kristie and Clint, Layton, girl, June 26.

POSTMA, Trudy and Michael, Salt Lake City, boy, June 26.

RESENDIZ, Guadalupe and LEON, Martin, Midvale, boy, June 26.

SANCHEZ, Angela, Wendover, girl, June 26.

SLADE, Sarah and Travis, Murray, boy, June 26.

VILLA, Maria, Wendover, boy, June 26.

YOUNG, Allison and Scott, Salt Lake City, boy, June 26.