Starting in August, video stores will sell copies of the 26-second film of John F. Kennedy's assassination, captured by the late Abraham Zapruder, a Dallas dressmaker, as the president's motorcade moved through Dallas on Nov. 22, 1963.

The 45-minute production is in color and features historical narratives, interviews and a look at the filmmaking process, The Washington Post reported.The decision to make the film available on video comes as the Zapruder family continues sparring with the government over how much the original is worth.

The original Zapruder film was considered a key piece of evidence in the investigation of Kennedy's assassination, and it has been stored in a National Archives film vault since the 1970s. The family maintained the rights.

But last year, a government board declared that the film was the possession of the people of the United States and said the government would determine how much to pay the family for its rights.

The family wants $18.5 million.