The Libyan government on Friday accused the United States and Israel of discussing plans to attack it for allegedly getting hold of arms of mass destruction with the help of Iraqi experts.

The Libyan foreign affairs ministry, in a statement distributed in neighboring Tunisia by the official Libyan news agency JANA, denied Libya had such arms and warned against the consequences of an attack."Western diplomatic sources revealed that a series of meetings had been held in Tel Aviv between a number of high-ranking officers from the U.S. and Israeli armies that discussed field plans to carry out a military operation against Libya," the statement said.

It said the pretext for an attack was a U.S. Congress report alleging that Iraqi scientists were helping Libya in an arms destruction program.

The Libyan foreign affairs ministry "condemns these aggressive plans against the Libyan people . . . and deeply regrets that the U.S. administration deals with such lies spread by a committee of the American Congress dominated by the Zionist lobby," the statement said.

In a report last February, the director of the U.S. House of Representatives Task Force on Terrorism and Non-Conventional Warfare said Iraq moved Iraqi scientists and parts of its nuclear, chemical and biological weapons programs to Sudan, Yemen, Libya and Algeria after the Gulf War.

The White House said it had no credible evidence to back up the congressional report, which was denied by Tripoli as well as Baghdad.