The Salt Lake City-County Health Department has suspended the licenses of two restaurants for repeated health code violations.

Inspectors closed a Subway Sandwiches restaurant at 6066 S. State Tuesday after they discovered potentially hazardous food held at unsafe temperatures, stand-ing water on the floor from broken plumbing equipment and food-preparation areas that had not been washed or sanitized.The restaurant will reopen when those violations are corrected.

Buddies Barbeque, a catering company, also was closed temporarily after inspectors discovered that meats were being prepared in uninspected facilities.

Health Department officials reinstated the establishment's catering permit after violations were corrected.

And The Blue Lagoon was issued a warning after a follow-up inspection revealed several violations, including fried pork held at unsafe temperatures, foods thawing in a sink with standing water, shrimp thawing at room temperature and rodents inside the facility.