Just in case that new stadium gets built for the San Francisco 49ers, sentimental fans will surely want the Danbury Mint's "Candlestick Park," a porcelain and resin version "hand painted by skilled artisans" of "one of the most recognizable football stadiums in history." This $49.50 tchotchke enables fans to "own an authentic replica of this legendary stadium, which has become synonymous with San Francisco."

Arion Press, the Rolls-Royce of limited-edition publishers, is planning a limited edition of the New Revised Standard Version of the Bible, the Cadillac of good books. The volume will contain 1,200 pages, each 18 by 13 inches, and weigh 25 pounds; 400 copies will be made. The leather-bound boxed edition costs $8,500, plus $2,500 more for illuminated initials.The latest advertising campaign by Noxzema is a series of small signs that will be placed on the mirrors of ladies' rooms in trendy restaurants and clubs in Manhattan. Among the messages: "It's not the lighting," "Look as good as the woman your date is hitting on," "He must really love you for your inner beauty" and "Did someone miss her beauty sleep?"

The slogan for the product, below these endearing words: "Next time Noxzema."

- Leah Garchik