"Innovation is part of the game," I'm very happy to hear that our clubs meet their specifications. But there's still a cloud of indecision over the whole thing. I really feel they need to make field tests (of clubs), not laboratory tests."

- John Solheim of Karsten Manufacturing, maker of the Ping product line

"We are perfectly satisfied with what we see today. But we don't know what is coming tomorrow. There are an awful lot of people that have an aerospace or high-metal technology background that are now involved in the game of golf, and our consultants have suggested that there are materials around the corner which may create a problem for the game."

- Buzz Taylor, USGA president

"We're quite pleased the USGA executive committee came to the conclusion that modern-technology clubs are not a threat to the game - and are in fact good for the game.

"But in the interests of the golfers of the world, we want to make improvements so that clubs are a little more forgiving, accurate and get greater distance. We don't want to be inhibited. I think the USGA threw up some caution on that - and that's not good for us."

- Ely Callaway, Callaway, manufacturer of Big Bertha clubs

"While there may be exceptions that we are not aware of," Fay said, "we expect that all clubs that (already) have been submitted to the USGA will satisfy the new standard."

- David Fay, USGA executive director