Par 4

Yardage 448/Black402/Blues



Handicap 2/Mens


Layout: Banana-shaped hole that parallels No. 9 and shares a double green which sits behind a tree and large bunker. A creek runs along the right side and cuts in front of the green, forcing a tough carry on approach shots to the green.

Short and sweet

Senior PGA Tour pro Bruce Summerhays designed the Homestead layout.

Professionally speaking

"You want to favor the left side of the fairway off the tee and then aim for the center of the green. Anything dry is good on this hole. A lot of people hit it right, but there is a lot more room on the left side than you realize. A 4 is a great score on this hole, probably the hardest on the course."

--Rick Rockwood, head golf pro, Homestead


Off the tee: This is a killer hole for those who slice the ball because your ball will end up in the water. You want to aim way left, which won't hurt you because you can even hit onto the 17th fairway and be OK.

2nd shot: If you have enough distance off the tee, you'll want to try to clear the creek in 2. You don't have to hit the green because there's more room than you realize between the creek and green - about 40 yards. Don't go too far right or you'll run into the large tree or bunker in front of the double green.

On the green: The green is two-tiered with the back tier covering one-third of the putting surface. You definitely want to be below the hole. It's pretty tough putting from the top tier to the front.