Once again Utah's "Rent-a-Senator" Orrin Hatch has greased his way into the good will and graces of a grisly group of good ol' boys whose deeeeeep pockets are bulging with cash and corruption to spend and spread.

Want to know where Utah's "Rent-a-Senator" Hatch stands on tobacco legislation, reform, control etc.? Just watch the tobacco boys' TV ads. They quote Hatch almost verbatim.Yep, there he is, planted right next to those deep pockets bulging with cash and corruption, linked together by the bottom line, "bankruptcy," the bankruptcy of tobacco on the one hand and the bankruptcy of principle on the other.

Want to know where Hatch stood on Feb. 22, 1990? The world's most corrupt bank, Bank of Credit and Commerce international (BCCI), was feeling the heat from about every major investigative and justice entity in the universe. You guessed it. He was standing up and extolling BCCI's virtues on the floor of the U.S. Senate. All the while, Utah's "Rent-a-Senator" Hatch was attempting to secure a $10,000,000 (count the zeros please) loan from that same bad-boy bank.

Want to know about the Rev. Sun Myung "Moonie" Moon, founder of the Unification Church and mentor of multiple, simultaneous marriages? He was convicted of having failed to report as personal income $112,000 in interest received on a $1.6 million bank account. Utah's "Rent-a-Senator" Hatch got wind of this and yes. He loaded his cannons. He yelled for a pardon. He ranted, he raved and again he rented his good office to those whose interests, inclinations and heritages were a continent away from the United States and Utah. Yep, he sidled up to another good ol' boy deep "Moon " pockets bulging with cash, and let it all hang out, for what again?

Our friends from the Democratic Party tell us, "When you sleep with dogs, you get fleas." They certainly should know. One thing is positive, party makes no difference when Utah's "Rent-a-Senator"' Orrin Hatch is at it again.

Wayne L. Wickizer

Woods Cross