A lot of people are fussing over the choice of light rail and running light rail down Main. Let us not forget that the choice of light rail was guided through UDOT's choice of consultant, who was knowledgeable of light rail only, coupled with a large preponderance of light-rail usage, engineering expertise and product sales here in the United States.

In any case, a philosophical vision problem exists primarily at the top, and some, throughout the state that favors roads over mass transit; with ever larger and faster, free flowing roads in our downtown cities that alienate people from the street.This auto dependence has been responsible for much of the deterioration found in every city in this country; to a larger or smaller degree, depending upon the degree of dependence upon mass transit in those cities.

The real problem of light rail on Main is the city's insistence upon keeping a passe, semi-pedestrian mall, allowing only a few cars to park at the curb is insane considering that cities across the country are eliminating their pedestrian street malls and replacing them with working streets where cars and parking are the rule.

All of those street planters only provide seating for the homeless, and otherwise are just in the way, of providing for diagonal parking. The parked cars create a needed visual barrier between the moving traffic and pedestrians as well as providing needed street parking and ease of access to downtown merchants.

Downtown should push for more street parking and pray that Boyer and Co. remains clueless enough to keep its pedestrian mall down the middle of its gateway mall project.

Bruce B. Allen

Salt Lake City