The southern directors of the Garkane Power Association have led their consumer-members to success.

The utility's headquarters will be moved from Richfield to the small town of Hatch in Garfield County. The board of directors mandated the impending move by a 5-2 majority. It will be implemented by June of 2001.The decision ends months of debate and legal opinions between members from the north and members from the south part of the cooperative.

Those on the south felt Hatch was a better location for the headquarters because it was in the center of the service area. Jealousies crept into the bitter controversy over Richfield and Sevier County getting all the benefits through employee salaries and tax revenue.

Those from the north argued that the Richfield area offers better services than Hatch - primarily in banking, mail and procurement.

In March, however, the board of directors voted to move the association's headquarters to Hatch.