Age: 43

Where born: Cedar City

Family: Wife, Kristine; three children: 2 boys and 1 girl

Education/experience: 21 years in retail business

Responsibilities: Store director, customer service, helping associates grow

Number of employees: 260


First job: Hauling hay and a newspaper route.

Management style: Concern for customers and associates, open, honest.

Keys to success: Persistence, staying with things, getting things done.

Why this career?: The people, it is always chang-ing.

My business goals: Continue to learn about retail and to help the associates attain their goals.

A word of advice: Don't quit, find a worthwhile goal and stick with it.

My most influential mentors: Dean Peterson, Jake Harmon and, most importantly, my father and mother, Verl and Bonnie Holdaway.

Favorite movie: "Man From Snowy River."