Bud E. Cox and Carol C. Buckley were the big winners in Tuesday's Davis County primary election.

Because both candidates lack Democratic opponents - barring any phenomenal write-in campaigns - Cox will be the new Davis County sheriff in January and Buckley will be the new assessor.Carol R. Page, as expected, defeated Michael R. Cragun in the County Commission Seat B race, and Sheryl L. White beat Klea Ann Moon for county recorder.

Incumbent Rob Davis was surprised by his defeat, while Cox said he was always confident of a victory.

Cox received 57 percent of the vote to Davis' 43 percent. He said he'd like to believe it was his strong qualifications that carried him to victory. However, he felt it was all the agencies that Davis had alienated that produced the win.

"I've never seen them unite like this," he said. "They said we want a change."

Cox, along with friends and family, crowded the commission chambers during the vote counting. As the vote tallies rolled in, the anxious crowd became boisterous. Between shouts of "party time" and rowdy cheers, supporters slapped high-fives and hugged.

While Cox's supporters whooped it up, Page smiled broadly between sighs of relief.

"It's what you hope will happen," she said, standing on the fringe of Cox's crowd. "I'm so happy with the results.

Voter turnout, as expected, was moderately light at 15 percent, lower than neighboring counties. However, unlike other counties, no bond issues or initiatives were on the ballot.