A Draper man faces felony charges alleging that he and others set minks free and vandalized buildings at two South Jordan fur farms in 1996.

In the early morning of July 17, 1996, a small group of people released more than 3,000 minks and vandalized buildings at the Holt Mink Ranch, prosecutors believe. Damage to the farm totaled around $200,000, according to the charges filed in 3rd District Court.The men, believed to be a part of an animal rights group, raided the Beckstead Mink Farm on June 22, 1996, causing more than $200,000 in damage, the charges state.

A member of the group admitted to the raids and told police who else was involved, according to the court documents.

The defendant faces two counts of criminal mischief, second-degree felonies; two counts of burglary, third-degree felonies; and two counts of release of fur-bearing animals, third-degree felonies.