Chuck Jones, creator of Bugs Bunny, Daffy Duck and Porky Pig, has been named the year's best animator by the National Cartoonists Society.

Mad Magazine caricaturist Mort Drucker was named best cartoonist and, enjoying the success of his Ollie North and Ronald Reagan Coloring Books, also won the special features award at Saturday night's annual awards ceremony.Another two-time winner was Jim Borgman, a political cartoonist for The Cincinnati Enquirer, selected as best editorial cartoonist by his peers for the second year in a row.

Jim Unger of the Bahamas was awarded best syndicated panel for his comic feature, "Herman." Will Eisner won best comic book artist for "The Spirit."

The best story strip artist was John Cullen Murphy, who draws the "Prince Valiant" comic strip.

Art Sansom won the humor strip award with "The Born Loser," which appears in more than 1,000 newspapers.

The best advertising illustrator award went to British cartoonist Ronald Searle, while Arnold Roth, whose work appears in Esquire, was named best illustrator.

Charles Saxon of The New Yorker was selected as best gag cartoonist.

There was a tie for best sports cartoonist between Bill Gallo, whose "Bertha" character appears in the New York Daily News, and Pulitzer prize-winner Paul Szep of The Boston Globe.